¿Did I Just….?

¿Did I just realize truth while caught in the motion, amid the rat race, the traffic jam? Did he just pull up his mask and smile?

¿Did light flood the cabin while I stared, at the dented tail of the car in front of us, and what always has been just took a deep breath, and then exhaled relaxed?

¿Did the past just say hello with a real face, no makeup for the show, no PR? I believe she just yawned.

¿Did I just find out what was never hidden? Freedom hung out placid in terrenal constraint, nonchalant, waiting at the bus stop, no biggie.

As I pass the grey, abused underpass, stained by chaos, vehicles swarming, ¿Did I just discover meaning at the edges of my usual brain rant?

¿Am I now finding it funny that we should care so much, that freedom turns out to be a child?

Playing in the playpen of borders, earthly limitation, unconcerned by the litter. She smiles nonetheless, she laughs, each moment is of itself, a complete story, no drudgery of carrying it along to the next. She’s quick, organically attentive, not in a rush to make sense.

It’s a short cartoon, rich in color, mesmerizing, that’s all.

¿Did I just hear the drums of potential while stuck in a traffic jam?