That hope springs eternal
It has been said
Sarcasm or bliss
But what if hope be the mesh?

Dread of sharp gravel
Impoverished thought disgraced
Pictures torn and mended
Voiced disarray
Chimes hardened to rust
No message conveyed.

And if hope be the finest
Might she be formed by air
Flickers of matter
Mysterious substance
Prowess of light?

That nothing could touch her
Yet power belied
Such fabric confected by hands beyond mind
To withstand our sorrows
Doubts and dismay
I dare say she lies quiet
Amidst a spring they call faith

So we hide behind eyes
Striding terrains on the bleakest night
Groping on forward
Hoping to see
But desperate hands grow numb
We must stop to breathe

And when in air unhindered
By heavy footsteps dense
We notice at last
Her lonely hope of sense

That hearts might flicker
When chimes announce
Hidden springs revealed
Faith lost and foundĀ