Today Marianne’s jeans fit tight.

Reflected on the bedroom mirror
Her rounded face announces
A waxing moon

Her swollen figure
rising waters
Plump transmutation of phases
Compels time for curves

Aphrodite above
Smiles like cotton candy
Remembering the soft babble
Of Marianne’s natal baby talk
A young brook in her throat
When Taurus in the horizon

Oceans will wash over generous
Convex skin to be embellished
In foamy fur
From thighs to hips
Up the buxom breast
Around a venusian belly
Still shy

Marianne seems vexed
But the moon asks for a day or two
That she might be heard
Through the curved shadows
Of a summer night
When her light summons

Girl almost a woman
Close the bedroom door
Liberate Aphrodites thighs
Under the moon’s plea
Let her breasts down free
When tides are playful
And your imperious belly
Full of promise
Will claim her power