He's hellish haven
That won't stay still
And I know damn well
Not one to balance.

His lunacy
The sane one
Discerns the complexities
While the other side retorts in haste
Laconic disregard of our bond.

Rudeness spills from his sly grimace
In the hopes I won't be able to tell 
If he hides 
Or if it's just those damaged goods.

He's karmic
A jailer
A jail 
Too potent for my taste bud
But I'm addicted nonetheless
To the ride that goes nowhere.

I'll tell him on it and 
He will have to admit
While his twin self says no 
In supposed secrecy.

He's accompanied 
By one I condemn
For having thrown the towel too soon
For not finding the meaning
A sloth in thought
A poor seeker
Not of my clan.

But how it heals when tidal heat
Exudes energy that boils perpetual 
In his natural hormonal body

Could this lover side save the other?

Can the evil twin sustain a clear direction
A ball of fire in his hands
Stable purpose worth my admiration?
Can his flame burn in good rhythm
Or will it go out in a pathetic flare?