He's still here but
Is he still willing?
More so than me
Because he's my crab
A scorpion riding a bull
With tough pliers
His outer shell

The creature is all about staying 
He persists 
Instinct devotional and
He prays to me drunk.

But for what?
I bade him to stop
And then again
He's the literary dream I asked for
Without knowing.

He demands
And I am his
To come home to
Why me?
Don't have much grain 
I'm nothing more than an oddity
A crooked arrow
Who can fly straight.

What he sees I'll never know
Still he stays
Time lapses
Under muy loose chin
These jowls
And he stays.

He wants this joking smile
My mockery of life
These worries followed by a breakdown
My sleeping body trembling
Under the influence of dreams.

Yes, yes, those things
I remember
He's that dream
The oldest one of all,
Devotion come to life.