Who are they?
And where from?
Old lovers, friends, sons, fathers, brothers
Those who helped, guided, worried, cared
Same ones who left, changed me for, walked away from, grew to hate
My lost men.

Who are they?
Jitters arise for their attention 
I long for their excitement
Mourning when they find another better
Satisfied when they laugh it out
Inevitably expecting 
A reaction.

Why them?
Why me?
Who were we until now?

Old flames in transformation 
Merge and part
And we haven't stopped yet
Something reaches
Lights our wick 
Impregnates our feeling 
Since long ago.

They invade routine and fantasy alike
I make believe they listen 
That they are here
Drawn to me and I to them
While they're at work 
And I ask again
Who were we until now?
But no one's answering.